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February 23, 2015
The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) released 2014 graduation rates today.  Statewide, the 4-year graduation rate for the 2013-2014 school year was 81.17 percent.  MDE has a graduation goal of 90 percent by 2020, with no student group below 85 percent.
Richfield Public Schools announces that at 81.44 percent, Richfield Senior High School (RHS) surpasses the 4-year graduation rate of the state!  Richfield Senior High increased the graduation rate in all subcategories including ethnicity, English language learners, Special Education, and students of limited economic means.

Superintendent Steve Unowsky responds to the data by stating, “I am very proud of the work of our students and staff.  Our high school team has put in significant efforts to move our graduation rate from 5 points behind the state two years ago, to exceeding the state in this most recent release of graduation data.”
A few things that contribute to this success are:
  • High expectations for students to achieve and graduate, with a targeted, flexible system of intervention and support when a student falls behind.
  • An advisory program focused on college and career readiness.
  • The continued commitment by staff to challenge and engage students, while working hard to meet their varied academic, social, and/or emotional needs.
Planning forward, we will continue to look for ways to increase student achievement and provide opportunities that will positively affect our continued success in the growth of our graduation rate.  This will include blended learning opportunities, credit recovery programming, and teachers participating in Professional Learning Communities that focus on student work and plan instructional strategies from the data.
Jason Wenschlag, Principal of RHS, has this to say.  "I am extremely proud of our teachers and staff who work so hard every day to challenge and support our students.  I try to give as much public praise to our staff as I can, but in the end it really comes down to data and the actual results we get, and these are obviously very good results!  Our entire school community should be proud because our students work hard to be successful.  They are achieving goals and opening doors for their future, and that is what matters most."
For more information contact:
Jason Wenschlag, Principal of RHS
Leadriane Roby, Assistant Superintendent
Steven Unowsky, Superintendent



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